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10 Reasons you need a shrink wrap machine

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You might be wondering whether it’s worth your company investing in a shrink wrap machine for packaging your goods. But at Uwrap, we find that most of our customers wonder how they ever managed without one!

Shrink wrap machines have so many benefits, saving you time and money, protecting your products and increasing efficiency on your production lines. There are lots of reasons for investing in a shrink wrap machine, but here’s our top ten:

1. Shrink wrap saves you money

Even the simplest Uwrap machine will save you time and money when it comes to packaging your products. Our bigger machines will save you even more man-hours, with semi-automatic and fully automatic systems available requiring minimal operator input. Why hire packing staff, or outsource your packaging, when a shrink wrapping machine can take care of everything? To find out how much a shrink wrap machine will cost read this article.

2. Shrink wrap protects your products

Even the smallest mark or damage can wipe significant value off your finished products. Shrink wrapping ensures your goods reach your customers in the best possible condition, protecting them from dust, dirt and damage along the way.

3. Shrink wrapping makes transport easier

Shrink wrapped products are easier to store and to transport, especially if your goods don’t stack naturally in boxes. Shrink wrapped goods will not move about in transit and so are less likely to get damaged.

4. You can shrink wrap almost anything

From a CD to a mattress, Uwrap can build a shrink wrap machine to suit almost any item. We love a challenge and our team will work hard to meet your packaging needs, whatever you want to wrap.

5. Shrink wrap is secure

With shrink wrap it’s easy to know if your products have been opened or tampered with before they are delivered or returned. This prevents fraud or piracy when sending out easily copied products such as CDs, DVDs and computer software.

6. We can build a bespoke machine for you

We build 80% of our machines to order, working closely with companies to create the right machine for their production line and their products. We’ll consider every element of your production process, including the space available, the size of the product and the volume of goods produced, to create the perfect shrink wrapping solution

7.  Shrink wrap machines fit your factory

Our shrink wrappers come in all shapes and sizes but we aim to keep them as compact as possible when we build them. Of course, larger products will require larger machines, but we’ll still work with you to fit our machine on your factory floor with the minimum of disruption.

8. Shrink wrap machines are simple to use

We build our machines to be as simple as possible to use. Nonetheless, we still provide in-house training with all machines, to ensure your team are safe and competent, and to comply with current Health and Safety legislation.

9. Shrink wrap machines are fully supported

Unlike imported machines, Uwrap machines are manufactured right here in the UK, which means you’ll always have rapid and reliable access to original manufacturer’s parts and expert service support.

10. Machines start at just £2000

Shrink wrap machines costs less than you think, with our basic chamber machines starting from as little as £2,000. Even a bespoke, purpose built machine, designed to your exact specifications, can cost as little as £40,000.

Think about what you would pay for manual packing staff, markdowns on damaged goods and losses through fraud, and you’ll soon see that a Uwrap machine will pay for itself very quickly.


There you have it, 10 reasons why you need a shrink wrap machine fore your business. To find out more about how a Shrink Wrap machine could help your business, contact 01253 300 400 or send us an email.

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