About Uwrap

We’re one of the UK’s most recognised producers and engineers of shrink wrap machines. 


Reliable Shrink Wrap Machines

Uwrap Ltd has been manufacturing machines for 30 years. We not only manufacture for ourselves but also supply machinery to other shrink wrap machinery companies. We have manufactured shrink wrap machines for shipment to the Uk, EU and USA.

We pride ourselves in manufacturing heavy duty, simple to use and above all else extremely reliable. The engineering projects that we undertake are diverse and will overcome any requirements from the customer.

Our machinery is always designed with the end user in mind… simplicity is always the key.

Our bespoke shrink wrap machinery systems mean that if space is an issue we can design specifically for that purpose, or if you require one machine to wrap a wide varied product size then we can design for that purpose, hence one machine does all.

Our Engineers travel all over the country as well as the EU and have a vast array of experience to offer.

One thing Uwrap has maintained throughout is that customers will always speak to engineers whether it is an initial sales call or a service call or spares requirements. Our engineers are integral to our company and they know the machinery and capabilities inside out, so any questions or queries can be answered straight away.

As well as manufacturing new shrink wrapping machines we also can supply used shrink wrap machines. We also have the facility’s to offer a revamping of old to new machines. We also rent out machinery for short or long term requirements.

Why Should You Use Uwrap?

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Bespoke Shrink Wrap Machines

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We have over thirty years’ experience in engineering and delivering shrink wrap machines across the UK, Europe and the United States.