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These semi automatic sleeve sealers allow the operator to collate products then seal and wrap them efficiently, either with or without a cardboard tray. The sleeve sealer and shrink tunnel are combined within the one frame work and can be easily unplugged and wheeled around on castors. These are extremely cost effective and the option with NO TRAY required is a huge advantage over cost.

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For further information on Shrink Wrap Machinery including used shrink wrap machines as well as brand new shrinkwrap machinery see the links below. We also supply shrink wrap materials, wrapping machines and wrapping machinery, including L sealers and shrink tunnels.

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Semi Automatic Sleave Sealer


Our Shrink Wrap Machinery

We offer everything from made to order machines, to used shrink wrap machines and anything in between. We can always design and deliver a particular machine that suits the needs of your business—your budget, size, amount of products you need to wrap and their shape.

We also rent out shrink wrap machinery, as well as provide spare parts and repairs.

Our Machines

Uwrap offers a wide range of shrink machines including manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic, combination or L Sealer units. We’ve been delivering excellent customer service for twenty-five years.

If you’re interested in this machine or have any further questions, then just contact us via our contact page here.

Large L Sealing Shrink Wrapper

New Large L Sealer Machines, these large high efficiency L Sealer and tunnels handle a huge variety of pack sizes.

The Titan Shrink Wrapper

“The Titan” is a Heavy duty Combination L Sealer & Shrink These machines are designed to work 24hrs a day…

Semi-Auto/Manual Sleeve Sealer

Machine shown is a high efficiency manual sleeve sealer. We also do semi auto in this range. 

Automatic Shrink Wrapper Machine

Automatic Shrink Wrapper

Our super-fast, reliable and robust automatic shrink-wrap machines can wrap up to 30 single items a minute and our bottling/canning lines are capable of wrapping 300 per minute.