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Machine Hire From As Little at £10 A Day...

UWrap is an established name for shrink packaging machines. We sell many of the best new and refurbished machines, but did you know that we also have an amazing hire service, giving you access to easy solutions to short-term problems.

Shrink wrap machines are what we do. We’ve been manufacturing some of the very best machines that Great Britain has to offer for a number of decades now, but far from sitting back and taking our position for granted, we’re always looking at new technologies and finding inventive ways to improve on our machines and stay ahead of the competition with aesthetically pleasing, effective and easy machines.

Machines In A Variety of Styles and Sizes...

Shrink wrap machines are vital for thousands of tens of thousands of manufacturers in the United Kingdom and we realise that it’s not always as easy as going out and buying a new shrink wrap machine on a whim, which is why we decided to offer a hire solution for manufacturers, giving quick and affordable access to shrink wrap machines for short term usage.

Shrink wrap machines are very easy to use, saving you an untold amount of time, energy and money. Our machines available come in a variety of styles and sizes, providing you with a shrink wrap machine to hire on any budget. The machines can be hired to shrink wrap for any purposes, whether it be shrink wrapping for appearance or shrink wrapping for more practical reasons, such as protection.


Renting has never been so easy...

Utilising cutting edge technology and innovation, we’ve created machines that can solve the most difficult of packaging problems, allowing your team to work more efficiently. A machine can increase your productivity and turnover, giving you the tools to grow your business exponentially.

With a choice of hire for shrink wrap machinery, and a professional delivery and help system to get you off the ground, renting a machine has never been as easy.


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