L Sealer Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine

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Our fast and automatic L sealer shrink wrap machine that wraps 30 items a minute.

Our automatic L sealing shrink wrap machines are available in two different sizes and can wrap as many as 30 products per minute! This machine is perfect for manufacturers looking for a machine that’s hardwearing and speedy.

We build our L Sealer shrink wrap machines for durability and strength, ensuring this machine lasts you a long time. The machine also needs little input from machine operators, therefore saving you time and money in the long run.

If you would like to know more about our L Sealer Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine, just contact us on 01253 300 400.

Our L Sealer automatic machine wraps each product fully, so there’s no gaps or holes in the film (like the automatic/semi-automatic and manual sleeve sealers). This limits any damage to your products from outside elements or during transportation.

The high capacity shrink tunnels that run in alignment with the machines produce a superb clean shrink on the pack.

What are the advantages of using The Automatic L Sealer machine?

  • Available in two different sizes
  • Very fast shrink wrapping machine – can wrap 30 items per minute
  • Very little operating needed
  • Can process heavy-duty wrapping
  • Can be rented on long and short term loans

Are there any limitations to the Automatic L Sealers?

The L Sealer Automatic Shrink wrap machine is most well known for its speed and durability. However, because of it’s durability it does take up a lot of room. If you’re looking for something that is lighter and easier to transport, why not take a look at our automatic sleeve sealer shrink wrap machine. Or if you’re not sure, just give us a call on 01253 300 400.

Our Machines

As the UK’s leading shrink-wrap machine experts, there’s not one product we haven’t found a way to wrap! We have a team of talented engineers who work tirelessly to build or source the right machine for your business and product needs.

If you’re looking for some further advice about shrink-wrapping machines, don’t hesitate to contact us on our contact page.

Large L Sealing Shrink Wrapper

New Large L Sealer Machines, these large high efficiency L Sealer and tunnels handle a huge variety of pack sizes.

The Titan Shrink Wrapper

“The Titan” is a Heavy duty Combination L Sealer & Shrink These machines are designed to work 24hrs a day…

Semi-Auto/Manual Sleeve Sealer

Machine shown is a high efficiency manual sleeve sealer. We also do semi auto in this range. 

Sleeve Sealers Wrapping Machines

These semi automatic sleeve sealers allow the operator to collate products then push a button allowing the shrink wrap machine to take over.